Moore Than Your Average …

Super Powered

… and full range, sweet soul vocal. Kanika is a high octane dance party diva born to bring you the best talent that money can buy. A dedicated vocal instructor by day and a party starting vocal powerhouse by night.

This Singing & Dancing Queen

… never stops impressing the crowds with her veteran skills. Her show speaks for itself and you can feel the ease at which Kanika effortlessly dances around, physically and vocally, from easy jazzy standards to undeniable funky Motown tunes to the high power Top 40 pop vocal that few can even attempt live. For Kanika it’s simple really.. do what you do best… ROCK THE CROWD.. ROCK THE MIC.. Cake! It only takes a few notes before it’s obvious.. she’s the real thing!

With Kanika you get MOORE: more power, more stage presence, more variety, more dancing… MORE FUN!!

If you want the best, treat yourself…